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Terms & Conditions

The use of the website services is only available to persons who are able to legally represent themselves according to the system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. People who are unable to legally represent themselves according to the local contract system cannot use the website services.

If you are a minor (such as if you are less than 18 years old), you can use the website services under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian, provided they agree to adhere to the terms of use. The user will be responsible for his use of the website services from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in full compliance with the local laws in that region.

These terms and conditions are valid and null and void because of the previous forms of commercial representation, verbal agreements or other understandings, unless additional terms for a specific product or service are allocated in this regard.

By using the website services, you will be obligated to follow the terms and conditions.

Regarding delivery of orders

In the eastern region:

In the event that the customer is in the eastern region, delivery will be made within a short period after confirmation of the order and payment, after which the customer will be contacted by the shipping company, whether by phone, text or WhatsApp on the day of delivery.

Outside the eastern region:

If the customer is outside Riyadh or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, delivery will take place within a short period of time, and the service will be provided by the shipping company.

Dear Customer, welcome to the Post Box store, after your visit to the store, you guarantee your acceptance of the current terms and conditions, and if you do not agree to them, you should not use the store.

- The store reserves the right to change parts of the terms of use and the provisions, amend or add some of them, or remove them at any time, and the changes become effective when they are published on the store without notice, so we hope that you review the terms and conditions periodically to keep up with all updates .

- Your personal data and privacy is completely confidential to us and it is our concern.

- Continuously update your data and information continuously during the purchase process, including the mailing address, credit card number and dates so that we can complete your purchases on the store and contact you when needed.

- Post Box Store has the right to withdraw membership or suspend the account of customers in violation of any of the terms of use.

- No one has the right to register as a store member more than once.

- To complete the registration process, you must provide all your contact information.

The sale process only takes place if you accept the terms and conditions.

- Agree to accept responsibility for all transactions that occur under your account and your password.

- Post Box Store strives to provide all information regarding product pricing and provide an accurate description of each of the products offered in the store.

- You may be fully responsible to the competent and judicial authorities if it is proven that you are using a misleading or false email or impersonating another person for the purpose of misleading us so that we do not know the source of any of your comments or publish infringing content, viruses or malware that might harm the store.

- In the event that you violate any of the above items, we have the right to stop your use of the store.